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Cognac Metaverse Unlimited Possibilities.

Play, Live, Hangout with your friends and family! Become who you want to be.
Join #1 metaverse to experience future.



Experience the opportunities that await you.

COGNAC is made by blending exceptional vision with the motive to make the most believable virtual world ever created.

Looks like real life

Packed with environments that feel lively, open, enjoyable and responsive. Without any limitations like time, money or thoughts.

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Dynamic AI NPCs

Talk to any NPC with fully realtime human like conversation, generated on runtime. That changes the gameplay.

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Real Earth Data

First time done in any metaverse where positions, rotations and timeframes of sun, moon and seasons is based on real world phenomena.

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Meet Friends and Family in Real-Time Anywhere on Earth.

Here, You have the freedom to do anything and become anyone you want.

COGNAC: #1 Metaverse

A Revolution that will make our lives better and easier.

Voted as the best metaverse and game globally many times.
Cognac will give people the opportunity to play games, work together, live together and enjoy life on a whole new level from anywhere in the world.

Cognac will make our lives easier by making any experience accessible at anytime, you just have to open Cognac and there will be a whole new dimension of enjoyment available for you.




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From the blog

Making a better world,

Get all the new updates about COGNAC Metaverse on Official blogs published by our dev team.

COGNAC: #1 Metaverse

A Metaverse that will let
you become the real you.

COGNAC has the most Realistic Virtual Worlds that give you the opportunity to express yourself better, become unique and have an audience that loves you for who you are.

Development Completed

Making lives easy, fast and productive.

1. Creating a True transition for Humanity

Building the infrastructure of next generation for real-time interaction, realism that defies every metaverse till now and giving people a new way of living life.

2. Building for Productivity and Usefulness

Vision to build a platform that can be accessed by any person from anywhere, anytime. A virtual world that makes you feel that you are living in there really.

3. Need of the Hour

We are creating a metaverse that is totally laid on the vision of making the whole world more accessibly, friendly, approachable and faster for every person.

In Current Metaverses: 

1. Environments feel empty and lifeless
2. Opportunities are limited
3. Interaction is limited
4. Very Restrictive for players
5. Experience is boring

The problem faced by every player

1. Expectation vs Reality

Trailers = wow. Actual game = Shit, hurting user expectations even more, when people play current metaverses themselves they feel like they have been robbed.

2. Merely interactive

Current Metaverse are merely interactive, you can't touch anything or do anything more other than roaming in limited space. People are moving to better experiences.

3. Highly Limiting

Players can't play current metaverses without high speed internet connection or on private servers, users are very limited in every way.

Cognac Metaverse is creating a virtual world that people enjoy playing.

1. Most Realistic Metaverse Ever Created

Every detail as real as our real world, Very Interactable worlds, multiple biomes to explore.

2. Multiverse Connections and Adaptive Support

Many universes and biomes, you can travel at fingertips in seconds, without any downloads. Every place is responsive, looks believable and feels living. You can play COGNAC on PC & VR both seperately.

3. Playable Online and Offline both

Don't have internet? You can still play COGNAC Metaverse via LAN.

Connecting minds, ideas, cultures

Simple Access for Everyone

Join our Community to play Beta for free.

Get the Beta for free and become one of our priority early testers.
  • Unlimited playtime
  • Multiplayer
  • Limited Features
  • Limited maps
  • A lot of fun finding bugs
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Full Game
Coming soon
Currently in Development.
  • All Features
  • Multiplayer
  • Single player
  • Friends system
  • Unlimited Maps
  • A lot of fun playing with people globally
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How to Play COGNAC?

You can play Cognac Metaverse by Downloading Beta (launching soon). We will be launching the full version of the game on Steam and Epic Games Store soon.

How to Join the community?
What is the required hardware specifications to play COGNAC?

For now, you can play Cognac on Windows 10 or 11.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Dual core CPU at least 3.00Ghz
  2. 8GB RAM

Recommended Requirements:

  1. Quad core CPU at least 3.00Ghz
  2. 16GB RAM

Storage needed: 20GB.*

*Can be increased as per development progresses.

When will the full version of COGNAC will be released to Public?

We are currently in final stages of development. 

You can join our community to get live updates about Cognac and also a access to global community of gamers.

What is Cognac Metaverse in brief?

Cognac is the World's First Photorealistic Metaverse.* 

Cognac Metaverse will be available as a platform to gamers and common people for Interacting, playing multiplayer FPS games, partying, enjoying, cruising around environments and exploring the awe-striking lands together.

* Announced globally by the jury team of the World Championship of Game Development 2022-23 season.

What do users say about Cognac Metaverse?

Game Development World Championship

"Cognac, a multiplayer shooter, developed by Aditya Gaurav, is becoming the first Indian game with both Photorealism and Metaverse. According to his words, the game incorporates realistic environments, and the gameplay feels close to real life. Maps are designed by taking references and inspiration from monuments, abstract thoughts, abandoned areas, and old areas. The game also features a mix of cyberpunk environments with a synthetic retro feel.

An early in development shooter and a fan favorite also getting the first spot on our June list!"

Milla Mäkinen

Game Development World Championship • Jury Team Championship Manager

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COGNAC: #1 Metaverse

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